[men] Aftershave

I have started using Aftershave, to attract A girl I have always fancied. I am using Lynx Africa Aftershave because it has a strong scent, nice scent and long-lasting. Really, you shouldn't use A scented adtershave because most of them contain alcohol. Most teenages, around the age of 12-13 prefer to use Lynx Aftershave because of the scent, similar to me.

Hopefully, you are from the United Kingdom. If you are, there is a shop called Boots. They sell their own aftershave for a whopping £2.45, but apparently it smells very strong and has a very bad scent, but if you like scents like that, buy it.

Well thats it for now,
Thanks for reading this post,
And good luck in buying aftershave in the future,
– John

Одна відповідь to “[men] Aftershave”

  1. whitfieldwatson520 Says:

    muy interesante….prueva una ves mas la inexistencia del dios teista, sea que el tal jesus halla existido o no…creo que no hay prueva historica o cient Click https://twitter.com/moooker1

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